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Legal Facts in Criminal Offence to Appoint a Criminal Lawyer Toronto

Back in 1996, Canadian government introduced conditional sentencing in which, the accused is supposed to spend imprisonment in the community, instead of going to a correctional facility. It normally requires the person to spend some time in the home arrest along with facing some graduated restrictions, particularly residence and curfew requirements, so that they can attend appropriate schools as suggested.

While talking about the fundamentals of conditional sentences, a criminal lawyer Toronto used to explain that it’s necessary not to rely upon incarceration by suggesting an alternative option to the court. If needed, look at the governing provisions available in sections 742-742.7 that discuss the following five criteria for the sentencing judge:

  1. Section 752 of the Criminal Code explains that the offence, done by a person, shouldn’t be a serious personal injury case, a criminal organization offence or terrorism offence.
  2. The offence, done by the person, shouldn’t be so serious to punish for even minimum imprisonment.
  3. The judge should be certain that the offence must declare the convicted imprisonment of 2 years or less.
  4. The judge should be certain that the sentence to serve in the community wouldn’t be dangerous for everyone’s safety.
  5. There should be consistency in the conditional sentence with respect to the principles and fundamental purpose of sentencing as mentioned in the sections from 718 to 718.2 in the Criminal Code.

Here are five important objectives discussed in the fifth criterion:

  • The accusation of unlawful conduct
  • To restrict offenders and others from making offences
  • To keep the offenders away from the community, if needed
  • To initiate rehabilitation plans for the offenders
  • To develop the sense of responsibility among the offenders

However, the criminal lawyer Toronto used to mention that there are some offencesfor which, conditional sentences are no more needed:

  • Criminal offences that lead to a maximum of 14 years or life imprisonment sentencing include: aggravated assault, fraud above $5,000, manslaughter and arson.
  • Offences that declare the accused to spend 10 years of imprisonment, resulting from bodily harm, trafficking, production and import/export of drugs or use of weapons, include:
    • Sexual assault
    • Prison breach
    • Kidnapping
    • Criminal harassment
    • Motor vehicle theft
    • Trafficking in people
    • Arson for fraudulent purpose
    • Unlawfully in the dwelling-house

Being a professional criminal lawyer Toronto, Ernst Ashurovused to explain that it’s not as easy to eliminate conditional sentences as people think, because it increases plea bargaining. Other concerns are extended to increase in racial disparities, cost spent on the justice system when plead guilty incentives are removed and a significant rise in the number of charges leading to trail on serious matters.

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