3 Reasons to Fight Traffic Violations in Chicago

It is never fun being pulled over by an officer of the law and even less fun when you realize you are being given a traffic ticket. After pulling out proof of insurance, a valid Illinois driver’s license, and submitting to a sobriety test, if asked, you suddenly get weak in the knees. Sometimes you don’t even know why the officer is asking for your information! If you feel that you were not in violation of any laws, you do have recourse to file a dispute with the court and to be represented by a traffic lawyer in court. Yes, it could be costly hiring an attorney, but it might result in even higher costs if you do nothing to plead your case. Here are the three top reasons for fighting traffic violations in Chicago – other than you truly feel you did not commit any offenses, that is.

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1. The High Cost of Tickets

As alluded to above, the cost of paying traffic tickets can be astronomical. Sometimes, the alleged offense carries an extremely high monetary penalty and something you don’t feel you rightfully owe. If you pay the ticket, you are, for all intents and purposes, admitting guilt. In addition, further penalties on top of the amount of the ticket could be through the roof. Remember, Illinois works on a points system and each offense increases the cost of the next violation until you’ve run out of chances.

2. Preventing License Suspension or Revocation

Speaking of chances, eventually, you may suffer license suspension or revocation after you have racked up so many points or so many citations. Perhaps the biggest reason you would want to hire a traffic lawyer in Chicago would be to help you prevent getting your license suspended or revoked. That would place a huge hardship on you, especially if you needed your vehicle to get to and from work where public transportation cannot take you.

3. Skyrocketing Insurance Rates

Once your license has been suspended, you will need to pay further costs to get it reinstated. Remember that your insurance rates will most definitely rise, and you will be required to carry and SR-22, which is also very costly. The cost of an attorney is nothing compared to the sum of money you will shell out after a suspension and it places hardships on you, and your family, for a period of months or years. The only time you wouldn’t need to worry about higher-priced full coverage insurance mandated bythe SR-22requirement would be after revocation. This means you have permanently lost your driving privileges and at this time, insurance would be a moot point.

Even though you are trying your best to be a safe driver, there may be times you simply don’t realize you’ve broken a law. A missing or damaged tail light, for example, could have escaped your notice very easily. After all, how many drivers really run a vehicle check before they get behind the wheel each and every time? Just remember, there are some things you can fight and others which would be a futile endeavor. Even so, if you feel you did not break any traffic laws, it is your right to dispute the ticket and this is where a high powered, winning attorney can be your very best defense.

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