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Recouping Private Investigator Costs in a Infidelity Case

In summer of 2014, I suspected my husband of 15 years was cheating. I was in a disarray for words at the time and did not have anyone to turn to. Although your suspicions are almost always right, having 2 kids, owning property, and assets, you have to be sure if you suspect your significant other is cheating.


I began researching Texas laws to start. Infidelity is handled much differently in Texas than other states. I knew I have to prove that he was cheating but knew I could not do it on my own. I started looking for private investigators in Texas. I needed someone to collect evidence for my case but I did not have a lot of money. I also knew we had joint accounts which made paying an investigator nearly impossible without getting questioned by my husband at the time. I began looking for investigators and meeting with several firms in Dallas and got several quotes before making a choice.



Private investigators usually charge a retainer fee. This fee is used to conduct the investigation and is much like a deposit. When you pay a retainer, your money is then used for beginning or the entire investigation. PI’s are definitely not cheap. You could expect to shell out at least a thousand dollars to begin an investigation. I later understood why they charge so much. Hours of surveillance work does not come cheap. Imagine sitting in a car for 3-4 hours a night waiting for one perfect camera or video shot. By the end of week one they had already spent 20 hours working on my case. 50.00 an hour which was easily the average price for my area added up quickly.


At the high point of the investigation, my PI reported that he had indeed found suspicious activity and his team was ready to present the evidence. The quality of the video and pictures had to be clear and not distorted. A lot of cases will get thrown out of court if the camera angle is wrong, picture is blurry, or looks like it has been altered. We had hired someone that had very expensive high resolution camera equipment and that perfect shot was delivered.



At about 2 weeks into the investigation they presented the evidence. My suspicions were true, I was devastated. My PI ensured me the evidence would hold up in court for my divorce. We knew at that point it was time to file for divorce. In Texas, court systems see investigations if the other party is indeed found guilty of say adultery in the petitioner’s favor nine times out of ten. The only bad news was, the investigator reached close to 1500.00 dollars for the investigation and it was 1500.00 I didn’t have.


I borrowed money from my parents to pay the investigation. It was the safest way because I did not want my husband at the time knowing what I had done. A little over a thousand dollars was worth knowing what he had been doing and who he was seeing. It was time to file for divorce and move forward.


What I didn’t know was explained by my investigator. If you win in court, you can sue for investigation charges. That’s exactly what we did and we ended up having him pay for his own investigation. Although it was rough, in the end, knowing the truth mattered most. We used a company located in Dallas Texas called ACES. They were professional and had the right people and equipment for the job. I couldn’t thank them enough – they work in the entire state of Texas and most of them are retired military or police officers.


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