Good student is byproduct of good school

Every student is an outcome of a school.  A student’s knowledge depends on what he or she is taught at school. A school is a birth place of knowledge. Earlier this was not the case. People rarely had schools and children studied in abandoned buildings and open grounds with very little qualified teachers. But today, with the advancement in communication and growth of economy since the independence, today schools have gone to a higher level. They teach not only what is in the book but also what is apart from books. Many schools have adopted internet learning today. This is very important as a student should know things he ought to know. A book contains only information that is sufficient for that age. But internet is filled with information beyond what is in a book. This helps a student gain knowledge on a subject apart from what is there in a book.

Internet Learning

Internet learning helps them to think out of box which is very essential to learn out of box. It is sad that, schools in India still pressurize children to learn what is in the book for their tenth and twelfth grade for the scores and less focus on their knowledge. This only makes them learn without understanding what they are learning. It can help in getting the scores but not in gaining the knowledge. Schools should focus on knowledge sharing and spreading of wisdom, but making a child mug up facts and reproduce them in exams will not help. There is no practical knowledge on the subject and the child forgets it as he moves along the grades. This is a poor way of teaching as it instills nothing in mind. A school is said to deliver qualified student only when it gives practical training to the students. Practical knowledge is very important to students today.  A student comes across what he learnt in his fourth and fifth grade in his aptitude test for interviews. He can clear the aptitude tests only if had understood the concepts in his fourth grade. Likewise, it is very important that a school should have a second language taught to their students.

Second language

Second language is one that someone learns apart from their mother tongue. With world being influenced by the one major language namely English, it is always better to learn it and a second language to be on the safer side. Parents in Singapore, can choose the best chinese language school in Singapore. Learning a language by choosing the best chinese language school in Singapore, not only gives them a good career in the future, but also boosts their brain power and the memory is improved.

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