How to Divide Gifts & Property in a Divorce

The wedding has come and gone and now you are faced with a divorce. Maybe you saw it coming but maybe you did not. Regardless of whose fault it is, knowing how to divide up gifts and property in a divorce is essential in order to guarantee fairness in the ordeal. According to an article, there are basic property laws already in effect that are meant to protect one’s property. However, it is during the divorce that the judge will decide who gets to keep what when it comes to property and gifts. It gets tricky when you have to consider property and items that were owned by each party prior to the marriage as well as gifts and inheritances that are received during the marriage. To be sure that everyone gets their fair share, you should both hire the services of a divorce lawyer. What about gifts that you don’t want to bring up in court such as wedding gifts? According to an article, the etiquette of returning wedding gifts is simple. If you call off the wedding, then obviously, you return the gifts right away. However, wedding gifts on not depended upon a successful marriage therefore, guest that give gifts should not expect to see them returned if the marriage does not work out.


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